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Thank you for connecting. My name is Anne Marie Davies, Gayatri Devi Oro.  I am a Certified Yoga teacher, RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, teaching Yoga for over 20 years. Having spent 20 years with a liberated Master, Hari Aum Tat Sat, a strong foundation to yoga was laid and with grace and devotion, my dedication and love for yoga continues to flourish. As yoga is infinite bliss, learning is endless. Wisdom, teachings, guidance and so much more is given and recognized by tuning into oneself and learning daily from family, friends, those I cross paths with, students, teachers, life.

*”I bow to the Divinity within you from the Divinity within me.” This salutation is at the essence of the yogic practice of seeing the Divine within all of creation


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  1. Martha says:

    Thank you for directing me to your website. I am beyond-beginner when it comes to yoga. I am chubby, have 5 teenagers, work myself ragged, and want to come to the Holly Church in Barrie to find the religion of yoga! I sure hope I don’t have to squeeze myself into my sports bra for this! I will continue to search this site for upcoming times in Barrie. Thank YOU!

  2. kimberly says:

    Yoga with Anne Marie is a beautiful balance of inner and outer strength. She is intuititve to individual needs and creates and peaceful and meaningful world in her class. She has helped my body work through injuries and continues to help me become strengthened and flexible. Anne Marie’s eclectic nature pours into her classes, she is gentle, fun, spirtual, meditative and in touch with the inner souls of others. Thank you Anne Marie for teaching your passion, your wisdom, your yoga. :) Kimberly

  3. Jen B. says:

    I cannot say enough beautiful things about Anne Marie, my first class with her was about 3 years ago, I have continued to enjoy her practice since then. She is the most intuitive, thoughtful, passionate, caring, peaceful, funky, free, gentle, strong soul who can see into who you are and what you need out of yoga. Every class is a new journey of finding peace, relaxation and strength. Thank you Anne Marie for being part of my life and sharing your love and knowledge.

  4. Alda C. Remeika says:

    Anne-Marie’s classes are a piece of heaven in a crazy world. They saved my spirit, and my physical body from total degredation…. Her love, humour, and patient teaching in the light of the candles, takes us out of our busy, insane lives and transports our bodies beyond their daily aches and pains to a place where we are capable of anything!! That she charges so little for so much is an utter gift. I have practiced yoga for 35 years or so and Anne-Marie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She is priceless treasure for those of us seeking spiritual and physical fitness in Innsifil. How lucky we are to have her here! Namaste….

  5. Sherry DesRoche says:

    I would love to join your class starting April 15, 2012. I am a single mom trying to get back on my feet and into taking care of myself. Your ad in the paper inspired me. See you soon.

  6. velda says:

    Every class with Anne Marie is different, but beautiful. No matter what the sequence of poses and meditation you leave the class feeling stronger – both physically and emotionally.

  7. Jen says:

    Dear Anne-Marie – Gayatri devi oro
    I treasure your book “Step by Step Introduction to Yourself”. I have always wanted to learn and connect more deeply with my inner self. Through your words, guidance, intuitiveness, knowledge, experience and your life – you gently lead me to a deep and wealthy connection with my inner/greater self. I will always keep this book at hand for its inspiration. Through this book I connected with my visions, thoughts, dreams and intentions of expansion of my lifestyle, my life, my activities, my feelings, my well being, my abundance, my peace, my contentment, my offerings, my worth, my FULLNESS. Wow – I am truly blessed to know you. Thank you dear Anne-Marie – Namaste.

  8. karen ferguson says:

    I started taking yoga classes to just feel better! The aches and pains of growing older having abused my body over the years! Classes with Anne-Marie made me realize that yoga helped in so many more ways which led to meditation and put me on a very positive path! Everyday now is an adventure with renewed wonderment and connection with our world! Thank you Anne-Marie for enlightening me to this. Namaste

  9. Janelle says:

    I have always enjoyed yoga, but I truly learned about opening to yoga and ultimately opening up to myself through taking part in AnnMarie’s classes. You have a special and intuitive talent, rare to find. I am so proud to see you have published your book, can’t wait to read it! Om shanti, shanti, shanti….

  10. Rod says:

    One year ago, I tried my first ever yoga class with AnneMarie and have not looked back. I was always curious about the mental and physical benefits of yoga and 12 months later can’t imagine life without it. Your body size, physical ability and mental awareness is all irelevant from the moment of your first encounter with Anne Marie, her warmth and love makes you instantly comfortable. If you are looking for improved flexibility, inner peace and over all improved well being, take the big step and try her class, you won’t be dissapointed!
    “The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra”, come and discover your spark! Thank you Anne Marie…….your student, Grasshopper, Namaste!

  11. I have been practicing yoga for more then five years. I started to go to yoga classes at the YMCA in Barrie, and switched it to my home practice.Then I got bored with the yoga DVDs I have at home and looked for a yoga teacher. That how I came across Anne-Marie.
    Practicing yoga with Anne-Marie gave me a different prospective onto yoga. In her class I can relax my body from the tension, calm my mind from the restless thoughts, and uplift my soul to a different dimensions. She has a gift you are looking for. Thank you Anne-Marie.

  12. Jen says:

    I have taken Yoga classes with Anne-Marie for a couple of years now. I had taken Yoga classes in the 1970′s when I was in my twenties and really enjoyed them and I was flexible then and could manage the poses without difficulty. I returned to Yoga when I came to Anne-Marie’s class. At first, I found that I couldn’t sit for very long on the floor comfortably – I definitely could no longer manage the lotus posture. I had lost my flexibility and was now a senior – even though I walk every day and keep busy, I was realizing how much I wanted to ‘bend’ and ‘move’ like I could years ago.
    Here we are a couple of years later and I can SIT in meditation now for an hour!! I love the classes. I must admit that I do not practise as often on my own at home as I should, but my improvement even with just a once a week class has been awesome. I feel great and I love all aspects of Anne-Marie’s class. Thank you dear Anne-Marie – all blessings to you always – Namaste

  13. Jen K. says:

    I have been doing yoga with Annemarie for the past 5 years, she is such a warm, loving, kind being and has a way about her that in each class it feels as though it is specifically made for you. She knows exactly what I have needed to hear, how I have needed to stretch and move to feel better and at peace. Something that was truly beautiful was that she offered my wedding party and I yoga on my wedding day. It was a perfect class filled with calming energy and love. She helped make my wedding day perfect! I would recommend her class to everyone. Thank you Annemarie for sharing yoga with my friends and I.

  14. Marie says:

    Annemarie has been the best yoga instructor I have come across. There is a peacefulness and beauty that she brings to a class I have never felt before. Everyone from all backgrounds and abilities attend her class and she makes all of us feel so welcome. She moves at a pace that works for the entire class and will silently help if she sees you need it. Often her classes will run a little over the scheduled time, because she cares about what she is doing. She won’t rush or simply end the class and often stay beyond her time. I would suggest to anyone who is a bit intimidated but wants to try yoga, to go to one of Annmarie’s class. You won’t regret it. For anyone who has been doing Yoga for years, I can say you will see the difference in the quality of teaching with Annmarie.

  15. Paul N. says:

    Anne-Marie’s yoga and meditation classes have helped me a great deal. I’ve been attending her classes for the past 6-months. Negative thoughts have dispersed and I have a spiritual routine again because of her guidance and knowledge. This is very powerful stuff! Anne-Marie is a spiritual teacher and she’s the REAL DEAL. She brings wisdom, beauty and calmness to every session. She teaches the essence of yoga as well as different meditation techniques, so we are able to connect with our inner/greater self. Anne-Marie is genuine and really cares. I’m looking forward to the next set of Meditation classes in a couple of weeks. In order to deal with the outside world we must go in. My special journey continues and I really look forward to my classes with Anne-Marie on a weekly basis. Thank you Anne-Marie – Namaste. It’s a blessing that I found you!

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